Hello 2015!


A new year means a fresh start and new beginnings! I created this blog just over a year ago but was never happy with it..so I've deleted EVERYTHING!

This time round I'm hoping to fill this space with not only fashion but also other bits and pieces (plenty of foodporn).

Over the past month I have been kept busy through travelling and such, therefore haven't had much time in terms of sitting down and reflect on the past year. However, I have come up with a few resolutions for 2015. 

Firstly, I'm hoping to build on all the relationships I have at the moment; to be able to keep those that I love close by at all times. Secondly, I wish to make the next two years memorable. As I am beginning my Masters course in Teaching (primary), there will be plenty of challenges ahead, new university, new people a new course (definitely nerve racking!), I hope to develop a few more close friendships along the way and be able to enjoy my last two years of schooling! Lastly, I would like to grow more; spiritually, mentally and physically (by physical I mean working out more etc., not literally growing taller-I wish). 

To all my new readers, thank you for popping by!

Watch this space for more exciting things to come.


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