Kimono all day erryday


Who doesn't love a good kimono? While they don't keep you very warm, it is a great way to make a statement to your outfit. I am definitely starting a small collection of kimonos in my wardrobe, with this one being my all-time favourite. I had my eyes on it for the longest time, but found it a bit pricey for just a big piece of material HAHA BUT my boyfriend, being the sweetest (as always) gave this to be as part of my 21st birthday gift! I happily wore it for my 21st birthday, but haven't touched it. I was quite hesitant with wearing it out on a normal day as I thought that it was 'too much,' BUT after doing some research via pinterest I found a way to tone it down slightly. 

I find that kimonos are very dressy by itself, therefore the best thing to wear underneath is just something really simple. In this outfit, I chose to just wear a singlet and a pair of jeans. You could always wear a basic tee inside instead if you like and pair it with a pair of shorts! Will definitely be posting more outfit ideas for kimonos soon! 

Uni is starting again, so will be slightly MIA once again. If you miss me, you can always follow me on instagram: @lovecherriiee :) 

Plenty of love xxxx

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  1. I love kimonos, and the fact they are so super versatile too? I wore mine out the other day as a dress, and just belted it with a vintage silk scarf almost like they were worn originally and it really worked!

    Helen xx

    1. oh that is such a smart thing to do! I'm definitely going to try that next time :)
      thanks for popping by! x

  2. Replies
    1. thank you lovely!!! and thank you for popping by my page!