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Three Monkeys Place Cafe began through the idea of wanting a place in Doncaster with a casual relaxing atmosphere from three inspirational individuals. Their goal is to produce a place with great vibe, food and coffee and I have to say that they're ticking all the boxes. The best part is that I don't have to travel all the way to the inner suburbs to get delicious and beautiful food!

This cafe is definitely going to become a regular brunch place for me, not just because it's so close to me but also because of the FOOD! While they have some of the typical brunch food, they also have some where they add their own twist (which is always exciting and refreshing). Their menu is influenced by their chef that comes from a Hong Kong background where he has had experiences in various fine dining establishments, thus Three Monkeys Place consist of food with elements of classical French, Italian techniques with Asian influences.

We asked the waiter what he would recommend, so we ordered the Porky Pig and the Sweet Monkey where both had Roti in it. Now this might sound strange, but it was absolutely delicious.

First, the Porky Pig has the biggest crackling! The presentation was amazing and definitely had the 'wow' factor. The portion was generous, and extremely yum! *NOTE if you are sitting outside, keep an eye on your crackling!! (halfway through our meal, the last bit of our crackling flew away!)

The Sweet Monkey was an interesting experience. I would have thought that the roti would taste strange in a sweet dish, but  it was actually strangely delicious! It reminded me of fried bananas with ice-cream and mixed berries. Definitely would recommend it!

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

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Much love

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  1. Wow those dishes sound a little strange but I'll take your word on it that they were good. The presentation is seriously on point, each plate looks like a work of art!

  2. Yum love roti must get that sweet dish