My experience at JISU salon


My experience at JISU salon was nothing I have ever experienced before. The name JISU comes from the couples' names, Jin and Sunny (how cute!). They previous owned another salon called Sunny Avenue, but then decided to open a new one on Londsdale Street. This salon has been opened for over two years and I can definitely say that I will be coming back in the near future. 

After speaking to Jin, I left it up to him to choose what will suit me the best and in the end, I could not have been happier. Honestly, I went in being quite nervous, unsure whether it'll turn out the way I want, but after this experience, I can safely say that I trust him with my hair completely! Rather than getting straight into it, he spent a good amount of time understanding my hair and making sure to produce the best results. 

We went through the process of cutting my hair into a long bob, using the balayage technique in bleaching my hair, dyeing it with an ash blonde shade and finally a hair treatment in ensuring my hair is still somewhat healthy! 

What really stood out to me was the amount of effort they put in, in going beyond the normal customer service. While they were all small things, it seriously made my experience so much more memorable: 
  • Their half clear smocks- in a world where technology plays a large role in our life, the ability to go on our phones is a must, especially when there is not much else you can do. At JISU salon, they have a clear slit in their smocks in ensuring you can still go on your phones without getting hair/hair dye all over your hands 
  • Clear eyemask-to prevent hair from touching your eyes and the strong smell of bleach/dye reaching your nose! 
  • Snacks/water- getting a hair treatment can take several hours where you're unable to really go outside to grab anything to eat. At JISU salon, they give you cute Korean snacks and water to keep you happy! 
  • Massage chair- getting my hair washed in a salon is definitely one of the highlights, it's like a free massage for your head. At JISU, they again take it one step further, by providing you with a FULL body massage via a massage chair while you get your hair washed! 
  • Curls- to top off having beautiful hair, JISU takes it to the next level via giving your hair beautiful curls. 

Overall, I cannot rave about JISU salon enough. Jin and his team put in so much effort into making this such a wonderful experience for me and I can tell he has a huge passion for what he is doing. If you are ever in Melbourne and wanted to get your hair done, please do check out JISU salon, it is in such a convenient place and you are seriously in good hands. 

Please do give them some love on their platforms: 

On a side note, I am now on holidays, so I will definitely be posting more blogposts!!! 

Much love 

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  1. This salon sounds really good and that's coming from someone who avoids going to the hairdressers like the plague, one bad experience and it turned me off for life.

    I love how they use the half clear smocks as well, that's so clever!

    1. Thank you lovely! I hardly ever go to salons as well, but if you ever do want to give it a go again, check out JISU!
      I really wished that I had taken a photo of their smocks!!!

  2. Loved reading this !! How much did it cost you? :)

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