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Coffee scrubs are definitely something that has been circling around the internet for a while now, and when I was gifted the Naked Bean coffee scrub range, I was excited to trial it! Now a little bit about Naked Bean...

Naked Bean is a coffee based body scrub made in Australia. It uses roasted robusta coffee beans with twice the caffeine and antioxidants. What's great about this scrub is that the grounds of the coffee actually act as an exfoliant and allows your pores to open while the caffeine in the coffee grounds help to promote cell growth! (had no idea how amazing it was!). What's great about them compared to other coffee scrubs is that they use only fresh roasted robusta coffee granules and ingredients picked from nature for the freshest and most delicious skin results. In all their products they also use certified organic lingonberries and bilberries. These are precious powerful berries that contain antioxidants, moisturising properties and fatty acids for skin basically everything that is going to give you glowy, soft skin! Now for my verdict... 

I am not a coffee drinker, but I have ALWAYS loved the smell! When I first opened the package, I was immediately taken to coffee heaven! The smell was delightful and I was so excited to massage it on my skin. I absolutely loved the cream based products as they were extremely easy to use and left my skin feeling extremely soft! The coffee scrub was definitely a little messy, so I highly recommend you to do it in a bathtub or in the shower so that it is easy to clean afterwards! 

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results so far. I love how natural the products were compared to other cleansers that I usually use which have many nasty chemicals. I still need to continue to trial these products, but at the moment I do recommend for you to trial out these scrubs if you haven't yet! 

Check out their socials if you haven't yet! 
You can buy your own Naked Bean scrub from here

Much love XX 

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