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A monthly subscription box is definitely nothing new to me, however one that only specifies in scents, that is definitely something different. I was recently introduced to a monthly subscription box, My Scent. Similar to other subscription boxes, each month you receive samples of products to try, in each My Scent box, you receive 6 scents which will provide you a 30 day supply. What I particularly loved about these boxes is that they are perfumes from high end brands, including Dolce and Gabanna, Dior, Calvin Klein and many more. 

The box I received definitely consisted of scents that I would not usually go for, however, this gives me an opportunity to experiment with new things. Rather than investing in a big bottle, I am able to try it with a small little bottle, and if I don't particularly like it, it is not the end of the world! On the other hand, if I do fall in love with a particular one, I can always go to the store and buy a big bottle :) I think that this subscription box will also be something great for travelling, they are so small and would fit into any travel bag easily! 

My Scent is definitely something worth trialling, especially for those individuals who are still trying to find their perfect perfume! With one box, you can receive a 30 day supply of exciting new scents for only $24.95, PLUS each box also comes with a $20 voucher for City Perfume. 

Let me know if this is something you would like to try! 

Check out their Website:
You can use the City Perfume voucher through the following link as well:

Much love XX

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