Belle and Bloom & Mosmann


Accessories are literally things that make an outfit and for me, whether they are bags, jewellery, hats or even intimates (I know it's not really an accessory, but still!). Today, I'm sharing two of the things that I have been gifted recently and I have been loving! 

If you follow my Instagram (@lovecherriiee) you would have seen this bag all over my feed, and I am sorry, it will be like this for a while until I find a new bag! This is the gorgeous Belle and Bloom Sailor bag , and I seriously believe that it is definitely a must have in every woman's bag collection! It is so versatile and I have received so many compliments for it. Below are only some of the ways I have styled the piece to show you how it seriously does go with every outfit! 

Last but not least, intimates are a HUGE deal as well! To feel confident on the outside, it doesn't hurt to wear nice lingerie on the inside. When I am wearing it, I definitely feel more put together and a whole level of new confidence comes out of nowhere. And no, you don't have to wear it to impress anyone (doesn't hurt to), wear it for YOU! Currently loving this beautiful Florence red intimate set from Mosmann (bralette here, g-string here ). Unfortunately, I did not think it was necessary for me to share how to 'style' this piece, it is pretty self-explanatory!  But you can already see how gorgeous the piece is in the image below! 

Please check out their websites to see if anything else tickles your fancy! 

Much love 

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  1. You bag is absolutely gorgeous Cherry! I love the minimalist and timeless design of it <3

    Adrianna xx |

  2. Your bag is very cute and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I also have blog where i Post 5 Coolest Gifts Surprises at Belle and Bloom