TK Maxx Shopping Spree!


 I was lucky enough to check out the new TK Maxx store in Heidelberg this weekend and it did not disappoint! I have always heard about TK Maxx in America and wanted to know what the fuss was all about. To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed as I did not know where to begin! The great thing was that they sold a lot of quality brands for a fraction of the price. They sold handbags, shoes, swimwear, toys, homewares, you name it! If you were following me on my day out, you would have seen me sharing some items. 
From a quick half an hour trip, turned to a good three hours. I decided to take my parents to the store and they absolutely LOVED it! They ended up finding more things than I did! This only shows how TK Maxx truly caters to every person! Below are some of the items that we were able to pick up on the day! I seriously cannot wait to go and check it out again. The great things about TK Maxx is that every week they receive new stock, so you will definitely be able to find a steal each week! (sorry in advance if this is going to cause you to splurge!!!) 

Below I have bought a crossbody bag and a pair of heels (these heels are so comfortable, I can already see them being part of my weekly attire!) 

Here I have a gorgeous jumpsuit, I am currently getting into the strapless phase and so happy to have this as one of my first pieces! I have also paired it with this gorgeous new black bag (absolutely adore the size and shape of it!)

A snapshot of just 1/4 of the store! Yes it is HUGE!! 

Thank you to the lovely team at Scrunch for allowing me to experience this amazing store, I definitely cannot wait to be back again! 

Let me know if you have checked out the TK Maxx store yet!! 

Below are some of their social handles: 

Happy shopping!

Much love 
C x

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