Gifts for Him - Gift Giving Inspo for Christmas


With the Christmas season coming, I was definitely stuck for ideas to get my partner. I have always dreaded going shopping for him as I never know what to get him. I am always trying to look for items that are high quality but at a reasonable price, but that is definitely something that is hard to find. 

I was lucky enough to work with TK Maxx again and was invited to purchase some items there! Rather than going on my own, I decided to give my partner the opportunity to shop for himself, he absolutely loved the high quality items. From a quick half an hour trip, turned into a two hour shopping spree! 

From the previous week I was there, they have already changed their stock so much and I was able to get myself something too. As my own blog mainly features my own ootds, I wanted to do something a little different and something that has been quite popular on my Instagram feed previously.  Below we have decided to do a 'his & hers' shoot featuring all HIS items from TK Maxx

Here are some images of how we have matched our outfits! You can see that we decided to repeat a few key pieces, not only because we love it so much, but we wanted to showcase their versatility. 

Below we have purchased white shirt ($25), blue shorts ($35) and my white bag ($40) from TK Maxx

We decided to go for the oatmeal colour scheme for the following ootd. We were able to snatch this summery linen oatmeal shirt ($35) and his navy shorts ($35) from TK Maxx. Who is also loving the look of my bag? It is definitely so versatile and goes with so many outfits!PS my wedges in this shot are also purchased from TK Maxx (only for $40!) 

Finally, we went with the light blue theme in the ootd below (light blue shirt $35). Again featuring his navy shorts which have proven their versatility. 

Thank you to TK Maxx for allowing me to experience this amazing store once again, I definitely cannot wait to be back to find a few more bargains! 

Let me know if you have checked out the TK Maxx store yet!! 

Below are some of their social handles: 

Happy shopping!

Much love 

C x

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