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I recently collaborated with the gorgeous Miss Pearl and I am so excited to review one of her amazing products! Before I rave on about how much I love her product, I want to just give a little back story on Miss Pearl Store.

Miss Pearl suffers from many allergies and intolerances since the day she was born, therefore looking after her body has always been one of her top priorities. Individuals that also suffer from so many allergies may often find it difficult to navigate beauty products that are suitable for their skin as most of them contain chemicals. This is where Miss Pearl's store comes in, a store that represents what Pearl is passionate about, one that stocks brands that are made from the highest quality and mostly natural products. Miss Pearl herself has also tested the products on herself, thus it is definitely products that one can rely on, whether or not you have allergies or purely want to try something new. (NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS)

The following is the product that I have chosen to try: 

Some facts about this product is that it is vegan, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, paraben free, allergen free, nut free and fragrance free. 

The packaging is simplistic, yet classy. The first thing I noticed was that the lower half of the lipstick had a grip texture that allowed better precision during application. This is definitely something that I don't see very often on lipsticks, I do have to say that it is a great idea! 

The application of the lipstick was quite smooth and pigmented, therefore one coat was already plenty! However, if you do want a long-lasting effect I recommend what I like to call, the 'tissue method'. This method requires you to place a thin piece of tissue over your lips, then using a foundation brush dust some loose powder through the tissue to set the lipstick in place. Finish off with another layer of lipstick. I find this method extremely useful! 

Here's a little swatch on my wrist to show you how truly pigmented this lipstick is! I have quite pale skin, but I do believe that the colour that is displayed on the website is relatively similar to the actual product. 

After application on the lips it actually appeared a bit darker than I expected, giving off an edgy look, more of a purple colour than the reddish tinge that I'm use to. However, this will definitely be a lipstick that I will be pulling out during Autumn (Fall) and Winter! 

Overall, it is definitely an amazing product, I cannot emphasise enough on how impressed I am by this lipstick. The fact that it is allergen free, paraben free, etc. just makes it so much better, as they are using NATURAL ingredients. I absolutely LOVE this product and will definitely be keen on trying other things! Some things on my wishlist that I wish to try include:

Do check out Pearl's website/instagram to see more of her products and support this AMAZING online store!! 

Instagram: @misspearlstoreaus

Do give her some love and support, she definitely deserves it. Stay beautiful! 

Much love

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  1. ayyyyyyyyyyy dat selfie doe
    and yay for dark red lipsticks!

    1. HAHAHA you must check out her website!!! so many amazing products!!! My face is also awkwardly on it now :P