Be my valentine


I like to think that Valentine's Day is quite overrated, much too high expectations are set for the boyfriend to buy the girl the most expensive gifts, to have the perfect date planned... just everything has to be immaculate. to be the guy. 

I do admit that I love seeing all the lovers spending the day out together, expressing their love in so many ways (especially through instagram posts, I absolutely love seeing what other couples get for their other half HAHA). With instagram and all the social media platforms it has become an even bigger deal to buy the BEST present for your loved one; the 'ideal' present for valentine's day can mean so many things for different couples. While some believe that their love depends on the number of roses in bouquet, or the amount of money spent on the present... for me Valentine's day was always the day where you SHOW your love by making/creating/baking something. 

One thing that has always been part of tradition is that my boyfriend gives me a rose every year, you must be thinking, 'that is so typical.' HOWEVER one thing that you probably didn't expect is that they're never real roses! (aside from this year) The first year he made me the cutest bouquet of tissue roses, to this day they're still sitting on my table (this is still my top favourite!). Second year he bought me the cutest musical rose, one where when you press a button, the music starts and the rose opens its petals. Third year he made me the cutest plushies that resembled us and the little me was holding a small little rose (so adorable). Finally this year, (he became extremely lazy, but in his defence it's his first year of med so maybe he got caught up with that!) he gave me a rose that he received for free from the Emporium HAHA. Let's hope that next year he'll lift up his game a little with this rose tradition! (no pressure babe if you're reading this :P) 

Now the date, since my boyfriend spent most of his time working on his DIY scrapbook for me, he didn't end up planning too much for our day together HAHA. Honestly, I really didn't mind, like I said, Valentine's day is TOO OVERRATED, I just wanted a simple day out with him and eat something that we both love. And that's what we did, we were originally going to go to an expensive restaurant, but I much rather save that for a more special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, so instead we had burgers and gosh that was so satisfying!

To sum it up, Valentine's day is nothing to get too stress over whether you're taken or single at the moment. Valentine's day is just an excuse to show a little bit more love to those that you love whether it's your partner, family or friend :) all you have to do is put in a little extra effort to show your love for them such as making breakfast, a silly card and I'm sure you'll make their day! 

Below is an extremely typical Valentine's day photo of my boyfriend and I; showing love through the kiss on the cheek, wearing a bit of red and a rose in one hand, lawl. It is probably too cheesy, but I secretly love it. 

Much love xx

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  1. That tradition is so cute! And what a lucky guy to have you ;D

    1. HAHHAA you're so sweet!!! you should do a valentine's day post too!! i saw that you wore the pretty dress hehe!! would love to see a personal post from you :)

  2. I agree 100% that Valentines Day is overrated! Materialistic gifts really cannot beat DIY ones forreal!!! You and your boyfriend are such a gorgeous couple <3