Secret Garden


It hasn't even been a month of having this blog and I have already posted two posts about sunflowers..typical. First off, HOW AMAZING IS THIS PLACE? Just by scrolling through these photos, instantly brings a smile to my face, its just too good to be true!! 

I was so excited when I discovered this hidden gem in the middle of Melbourne city via the magic of Instagram. Quite a few of my own friends and other bloggers have been posting photos from this garden and I knew that I had to go there myself! Of course I couldn't go without my boyfriend, due to my lack of direction and because I was in need of a photographer of some sort (sorry beb if you're reading this). It was as beautiful as I imagined, I was literally dancing around in circles for a good minute (at least). We were able to take some beautiful photos where it was able to truly capture the beauty of this wonderful city. While the weather was quite bipolar that day, we were lucky enough to be get these shots whilst the sun was still out. Of course, credits also go to my boyfriend for being awesome enough to capture some good photos in between my derp looking ones!  

I will definitely come back here again-perhaps for a picnic of some sort would be quite cute! I still can't believe that I have never come across this wonderful place and the fact that it is situated in the busiest part of Melbourne makes it quite astounding!! Do tag me in your photos if you do end up going here yourself, definitely worth the trip. 

It's 36 degrees in Melbourne today, so definitely going to be just staying home and most likely sorting out on what to make my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I tend to love making things for my boyfriend, so when I have nothing better to post, I may make a blogpost about the things I've made for him in the past! Hope you're all having a more productive day than I am! 

Much love xx

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  1. What a pretty place! I think the best part of it is yeah that it's in the middle of all the buildings! Have fun with Valentine's Day!