The secret life of an instagrammer


Ever wondered about my real thoughts behind most of my instagram posts?? Well here are some of my most famous 'styles' that I tend to do..of course there are plenty more, but not sure if it is the sort of thing that you guys would like to read! So if you did find it entertaining, I would absolutely love to do another one on a few other ones! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

I seriously have fallen in love with Instagram, so much that it's the first thing I go on when I wake up. My boyfriend always says, 'I know you're awake when you post on Instagram,' think he dies a little every time he realises that I posted on Instagram before giving him a morning text (In my defence, it doesn't happen every morning!). Anyway, Instagram is such a beautiful place, it has literally become a place where instagrammers are able to make daily tasks whether it's eating, gyming or whatever look simply AMAZING and perfect in every way possible. So the following are some of my own personal photos that look so 'effortless' but in reality I had to rearrange things so many times and stand in the most awkward positions ever. Hope you enjoy! 

1. The casual laying in bed shot

What it looks like
Just a regular morning where I'm having a good read and relaxing in bed. My legs always look this perfect in photos, they never look chubby at all. Nothing was staged.

In reality
Spent more time taking the photo than reading the actual book. Took at least 20 photos attempting to get the 'perfect' angle where the frame captured everything I wanted. And if that's not hard enough, I had to try and fit it all within the square crop..changing the rotation etc. This was essential...otherwise it will mess up the overall look of my feed. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

2. The foodporn shot
What it looks like
Just a normal meal that I always have on weekends because I'm so fancy and I can afford brunch meals every week. My wallet and keys just happen to be in the shot coincidentally, I didn't put them there to try and balance out the photo at all. 

In reality
Spending at least 15 minutes to get an insta-worthy photo, oh the food's cold? Worth it. 
For this particular photo, my boyfriend did get a bit agitated at the amount of time it took, however I think he is starting to get use to eating his food cold. His love is clearly unconditional. To make things even more embarrassing my arms weren't long enough to capture everything I wanted, so I had to get out of my chair and awkwardly stand up to take the photo (during desperate times where there is much more food on the table, I may have to stand up on a chair). No one was judging me at all. 

3. The effortless flatlay
What it looks like
What should I bring on my vacation? Extremely convenient that all the things that I may need have splattered on my bed in an evenly spaced way. Too convenient. 

In reality
I would like to say that I definitely did not fall off my swivel chair in the midst of taking the few photos before this one.  
This was one of the most challenging photos I've ever taken for Instagram. Had to take a number of shots with things in different places, continuously rearranging to get the perfect 'effortless messy' look. You do not know how hard it is to fit everything in and look balanced. 
And no i did not actually take the nail polishes nor lipstick, it just gave the flatlay more colour. Who has time to do their nails on a two day trip anyway? 
On a side note, organising this flatlay did help me gather things to take on my trip! So not a total lost.

4. Always healthy
What it looks like
Say what? You drink smoothies from a mason jar too? No freaking way. Mason jars are not hard to wash at all, especially the straw, the straw is the easiest part. I am so healthy, after breakfast I will go for a 10km run and will only have salad for lunch and dinner. 

In reality
Hmm haven't posted a smoothie shot for a while, think I can do it again. I'll have to use different fruits this time though so that the smoothie appears a different colour and my followers won't find the posts too repetitive. Since I had a healthy breakfast I can have a burger and chips for lunch. Sounds reasonable. 

5. From where I stand (apparently)
What it looks like
I'm just casually at the airport waiting for my flight. Since I am a blogger/instagrammer it is essential that I have at least one photo with birks/slides on. Must hashtag #fwis or people won't get the message. My mimco wallet also just happened to be in my hand, I didn't take it out of my bag just for this shot at all. 

In reality
For these FWIS shots in general, I always have to shuffle somewhere that is quiet so that I won't get judged for taking photos of my feet. Another reason they judge me is the fact that I have to awkwardly hunch over and position my arm at the right angle to capture the shot. Biggest struggle is making sure that that my body look proportional. Warning: Never wear baggy tops if you are taking these photos, or else you'll look pregnant. 

6. Magic of cropping
What it looks like
Varying the angles a bit, with close ups of the 'details' of my outfit. Then captioning the photo as 'details.' I'm so creative. 

In reality
I either blinked in the photo or just looked so unattractive that the only way for the photo to be potentially posted on Instagram was if my face wasn't in it. All the magic is done via VSCOcam where I play around with cropping from different angles (centring myself, putting myself on the side, etc), it honestly depends on balancing the overall look of my feed. 

SO these are just a few things that I do 'behind the scenes.' I hope that you all won't judge me too much after reading this and instead RELATE to how I feel! Hopefully I didn't offend anyone in any way...just want my readers to have a good laugh out of it. Please don't make me regret posting this up. ALSO I would love to hear the real stories behind your instagram photos and struggles with getting the 'right' photo.

Unfortunately, I will also continue to post photos like without these type of photos, I don't really have anything else to post up (sad lyfe). 

Stay happy :)

Much love xx 

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    -dude that shoes on the wall photo thing I did with my booties was so awkward like I was laying in bed (a twinsize) and my hair was falling towards the floor and stuff cuz the length of my bed runs alongside the wall so I laid down perpendicular to the wall so I could put my feet up and omg it was such a struggle to get my phone high enough to take a picture.

    - I stopped posting food on my fashion ig but yeah it's not that hard for me because I don't take food shots looking straight down. Also if my bf is already eating, I just focus on my food.

    - I can't do flatlayssss omg I channeled my inner you taking a shot of my swimsuit haha

    - I only crop out my face when I don't like my face lolol

    This post was a nice read :D

  2. HAHA this post was hilarious, and so true! xD especially the food taking one... I always tend to have a mini photoshoot with my food if it's nice looking, and everyone around me (including my friends) are embarrassed and annoyed T_T ♡