Dainty and minimalistic


These pieces from Trendy Creature and The Peachbox are some of my all time favourite pieces. 

I partnered with Trendy Creature a while back, but this piece tends to pop up every once a while as it is such a versatile piece. It is a simple gold long bar necklace that goes with absolutely everything! Ways I like to style it is through the winter is by wearing it with high neck knits, turtle necks or any knits in general really. And for summer occasions when I like to show some skin, I prefer to wear it with tops/playsuits with a v neckline.  It also goes well with tops with high necklines as well. The key is to wear plain pieces with it. Another great thing about this piece is that, it can be easily dressed up, through just wearing a nice dress or dressy top, this long bar necklace is the perfect pairing with your outfit!

I also had the opportunity in working with The Peachbox where they were kind enough to give me two pieces, Twisted Nail Bangle and Audrey Pearl Swing Earrings. Two of these are again, timeless pieces that go with absolutely everything! The Nail bangle is a piece that I love to wear on a day to day basis, I especially love wearing it with my rose gold fossil watch. It is definitely an edgier piece. 

The Audrey Pearl Swing Earrings are a piece that seems more higher class and would truly dress up your outfit. I absolutely love how the swing is on the backing of the earring. I seriously feel so classy when I'm wearing these dainty, delicate earrings! 

All three pieces are essential in my jewellery collection and will always be pieces that I can easily go back and forth with. I feel that these three pieces pair extremely well together.
The key to looking classy is through wearing minimalistic pieces.
Less is always more

Much love 

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