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This was by far, the COOLEST cafe/restaurant I've EVER been to in my life. I don't think anything could ever beat it. The famous Serotonin cafe is well known for its swings, it seems super silly how everyone gets so excited about it,but seriously when my friend and I got there we were swinging the entire time!! That was definitely the highlight! 

The food was on the higher price end compared to places like Friends of Mine, however I do think that it was worth it. We were served quality food that seemed much healthier than the usual brunch food that I go for. We shared our dishes and ordered the famous Banana pancakes with fresh berries and the poached eggs on toast. Unfortunately due to the lighting that day and my editing, the poached eggs pretty much seem non-existent in these photos! 

The banana pancakes were actually really good, and I will be trying to recreate them again in my own kitchen soon. I absolutely loved the banana icecream that came along with it, it was so fresh and gave a tinge of sweetness which was able to balance out the sour taste from the berries. The protein balls were extremely strong, and definitely not what I had in mind, but hey, its suppose to be healthy! So not going to complain too much. 

The poached eggs were a really simple dish, but I really enjoyed it. My goal is to now make the perfect poached eggs so that I never have to go out to order them again! 

Overall the atmosphere was so cute and happy, the lighting was amazing, allowing the whole cafe to have a relaxing and happy atmosphere. The swings were a definite bonus and made every customer's experience in this cafe a truly special and memorable one! Would definitely go here again to try out a few other things! 

Much love 

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