The past two months have been extremely exciting; with overseas trips, having my best friend/sister/cousin over (@charmainengc), hosting two of the best COCU events (@COCU), as well as planning for an upcoming new COCU project (more details soon!). With all these things going on, I almost forgot about my plans in becoming a primary school teacher. It then got me doubting myself again, am I on the right path? 

'Am I on the right path?' is such a typical question. For me, in these cases I turned to my boyfriend as well as to God. It is the combination of the two of them that gave me a slight peek into the path that I should continue on with. 

I'm going to be getting a little religious here, as I truly believe that it is because of Him that gave me this miracle. Before I explain what happened I would like to use an analogy that my friend has once used: 

Life is like driving a car with God, there are so many paths you can go, so sometimes you may take the wheel, but other times God will. 

In my scenario, God took over the wheel.

Over the few weeks, I continued to pray and slight hints started appearing in my life. 

The first hint: was when my boyfriend and I randomly decided to visit my primary school. I took him around and showed him my classrooms, the playgrounds, everything. And it made me realise how much I wanted to work there. I took peeks into the classrooms and even snapped photos of some of the work the children did! As much as I wanted to go there for my placements, I knew that I would not be able to; one because it is against the policy for me to attend a school that I've previously studied in, and two, it is not a listed school for my region. However it did motivate me to apply for a volunteer position for the holidays and made me realise that teaching is something I love. 

The second hint was an interesting one. My university made some slight changes to the regions that we were allowed to do placements in,  therefore lead to some new schools introduced into my region. Somehow, with poor administrative work and God's little work, I ended up getting my old primary school. When I saw it, it was a mixture of happiness and disappointment. I was thrilled that I was given it, but I knew that I would not be able to go due to the university policies. However, being extremely desperate, I alerted the administration as well as my TF and CS the issue as well as slipping in how much I wanted to work at the school. (I didn't think working at the school would be an issue as it's been over 10 years since I have attended, therefore will not have any 'connections' anyway.)

The next morning (Friday) I received an email from the administration bluntly telling me that I will not be able to work at the school and that an alternate placement will be arranged. With the limited time left, I was not only disappointed at the news but also extremely anxious about whether there will be enough time to find me a new school. I prayed and I prayed, desperately hoping that God will give me another miracle. And He did, my miracle was my TF. She emailed me back and gave me all her support for me to work at my primary school. She then sorted things out with the administration as well as to the placement school. 

So now, somehow with God's work (as well as my TF), I miraculously got placements at my dream school. 

I have always wanted an experience like this, I haves heard stories from friends how their prayers were answered in the most crazy ways and whilst mine isn't as crazy, I now have one myself. 

I start placements tomorrow and I am extremely excited! Hope that everyone has a wonderful week and for those that are at uni like me, keep following your passion! 

Much love

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  1. I think so many people (especially when you're in your early 20's) ask themselves the same kinds of questions, it can be really difficult sometimes if you think you're wrong down the 'wrong' path but personally I always like to think that everything happens for a reason.

    Good luck with your placement!