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Son in Law, takes it's name from a dish with a humorous back-story. It is said that if a mother in law feels her son in law is being less than kind to her daughter, she'll cook and serve these deep fried eggs as a clear message: be nice because your family jewels are on the line!

Son in Law is a a Thai restaurant opened by three friends Tony, Kate and Joy. After they ran 'Ayatana' on Chapel street Windsor for three and a half years, this was their next plan, to open a casual, modern and fun place-and they nailed it! This colourful, bright lit restaurant, located within Collingwood gives the authentic Thai food a modern twist and displays Thai food in a whole new light.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Son in Law last Sunday and experience the food myself. We ordered the famous Son in Law Eggs, Pad Thai (Chicken), Crispy soft shell crab and tiger prawns and Deep fried chicken ribs as well as two Thai-inspired drinks; milk tea and coffee. 

Food spread from Son in Law 

Son In Law eggs 
The famous dish that the restaurant was named after was a greater starter for our dinner. The eggs were quite simple, but had a lot of flavour. They were light and the sauce was a beautiful balance of sweet and spicy flavour that wasn't too overpowering. 
Son in Law Eggs
Crispy soft shell crab and Tiger prawns
This was served with green curry. The curry itself was fantastic in so many ways; the presentation, aroma and flavour. For those that cannot handle spicy as much (people like me), it was just enough punch and had a more of a sweet taste to it. This was definitely our top favourite dish for the night.  

Crispy soft shell crab and Tiger Prawns 
Pad Thai (chicken) 
Whenever I want Thai food, Pad Thai comes to mind and the one from Son in Law did not disappoint. Like their other dishes, this Pad Thai had a sweet flavour to it with a slight punch of spiciness. 
Pad Thai (chicken) 
Deep fried chicken ribs
These ribs came to our table crispy and light. The taste was amazing! Every bite into the delicious golden crumbed chicken was a mix of spicy and citrus taste. This was definitely a dish worth getting your hands dirty for!! To bring even more flavour to the dish, the chicken is paired with a delicious bowl of nam jim jaew. 

Deep fried chicken ribs
If you have a sweet tooth, you will absolutely love the milk tea and coffee. For me, I preferred the milk tea as it had a sweeter flavour. Both drinks were a great accompaniment to the spicy food (gave our tastebuds a rest from the spiciness!). Presentations of these drinks were extremely cute, we loved how Son in Law took that one step further in giving these drinks such a cute look!!  
Left: Milk Tea, Right: Coffee 
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Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would love to go again. The vibrant colours of the plates brought a pop of colour to the presentation of the dishes. For people like me, who cannot handle extremely spicy food, this place gave a great balance between spicy and sweet. 

For the price of their food, the portion was of a great size. My boyfriend and I both left with a happy food baby. Thank you to the lovely team at Son in Law, especially Tony and Kate for the wonderful food experience! 

Food: 4/5 
Service: 4/5 
Ambiance: 5/5 

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Much love 

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  1. I absolutely love Thai food and all of the food here looks amazing, especially the Pad Thai!