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After almost a year since I visited Serotonin Eatery, I was invited by the lovely owner Emily to try some of their new dishes! We were greeted at the door by a smiling staff member who took us to the outdoor area of the cafe. As the day was a bit chilly, we were even given blankets to keep us warm (definitely something you don't get a normal cafe!!). We had a tough time deciding on what dishes to get, so the friendly staff member gave us some recommendations. My boyfriend and I decided to get the Deconstructed Sushi and the old favourite Positive Pancakes as well as a peanut butter latte and cacao coconut latte. 

Food didn't take too long to come and when we received it, we were so impressed. Presentation was beautiful as usual, where we were given colourful dishes and smiley faces on our drinks (how cute!). 

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The Deconstructed Sushi was absolutely DELICIOUS!! I was surprised by how much I loved it. I wouldn't say I'm the healthiest person, so when I first read it, I pictured the dish to be quite bland...I was so wrong! It was actually packed with wonderful flavours from a range of vegetables and had a lot of different textures to it too. My favourites were the wasabi peas which gave the dish the crunch it needed. 

The Positive Pancakes were just as good, I actually ordered this dish the first time I came to Serotonin and really wanted my boyfriend to try it as well. They were delish! 

The drinks were just way too cute to drink. When it came to the table, we got a huge whiff of cacao flavour and the smiley faces on the top were a huge bonus. These drinks are definitely a great healthy alternative to normal hot chocolates!! 

 Lastly, we received a small generous surprise from the staff, the Choc Mint Magnum Nice-Cream!!! The presentation was absolutely beautiful and looked exactly like a magnum!! It even had gold leaf detailing on the chocolate, which made it even prettier. While I am not a big fan of mint, the texture of the nice-cream was so similar to normal ice cream, I would absolutely love to try the Golden Gaytime Nice-Cream next time! 

If you enjoy going for healthier options, Serotonin Eatery is definitely the place to go. They offer food that is high quality and filled with delicious flavours! It is definitely something that I am not use to, but I would absolutely love to try more from their menu next time, especially the acai bowl! 

Thank you for such a wonderful experience Serotonin Eatery!!! 

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  1. I've heard a lot about Seratonin Eatery and I love the concept of it all. Their food presentation is spot on as well, those positive pancakes look incredible.