Going to the dark side


After my experience at Jisu salon last year, I knew that I had to go back again (check out my previous detailed experience here ). Even after the first time, I am still amazed at the wonderful service they provide. Since Jin did such an amazing job last time, I knew that I could trust him. I decided to let him choose what colour to go for, and while I wasn't so sure at the beginning, I am quite happy with the more subtle colours! 

Similar to last time, we went through the process of cutting my hair into a long bob (next time, I think I am going to go even shorter!). Since I had already had a balayage done previously, timing of this session was a lot quicker. Jin decided to tone my hair and make it a slightly darker shade. Below are some images of the before and after! I am definitely loving the ash colours! 

Again, JISU Salon is an absolutely AMAZING place, Jin and Sunny especially. They both have such a passion for what they do, and I honestly don't think I can trust anyone else with my hair after experiencing their service. Please give them platforms plenty of love and do pop by their salon for a visit when you have a chance. I have had so many friends going to Jisu and raving about their amazing service! 

Do let me know whether you think you prefer the lighter or darker shade of my hair!! 

Much love

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  1. I'm definitely loving the darker! It looks so healthy now too :) xx

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